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Frequently Asked Questions

Until when can I modify the content of my cart?

You may modify your order until 8 pm on the day prior to delivery day. The cart can be reopened for modification until 7:50 pm and all modifications must be finished until 8 pm, otherwise your items cannot be delivered in time-slot booked for the next day.

Will I receive my Trust Points I can use in the stores if I shop online, too?

Basic Trust points for your online shopping will be credited to your account. Trust points for promotional items will not be credited but we are working on our system so that these points will also be credited in the future.

What locations can I get my items delivered to?

You can engage the online order and delivery service in all districts of Budapest and in many settlements in the proximity of the capital city. Click here to view our map and check if we deliver to your address.

Do I need to register if I only want to check the product range?

You do not need to register to check the product range or to place items in the cart. Registration is only necessary if you wish to purchase the products. You can register (a few simple steps only!) before, during or after shopping.

How can I register on the site?

The easiest way to give your data is to click on the [Enter the store] menu item. You need to give your full name, email address, phone number and a password which you can modify any time in the future. Before registration you need to accept our Privacy policy. By ticking the “I accept the Privacy policy” checkbox at the end of the Privacy policy you state that the content therein is clear and acceptable. Upon receipt of your registration request we automatically send you a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link in the e-mail to confirm your registration. With one e-mail address you may register only one account. Your password can be modified any time by using the “Forgotten password” function. You can register before starting your online shopping and finalising your cart’s content.

How can I log in to the site?

If you wish to log in, please click on [Log in] and enter your registered username and password.

How can I shop in the Online store?

You do not need a registration to start shopping in the Online store, therefore you may freely browse our product categories and check the product details on the site. You can place items into your cart from the list view or from the product view. You can easily find the products through the search bar. It is important to know, that after completing your shopping, you need to register in order to finalise your order.

How can I pick a time-slot for delivery and how much does this service cost?

The earliest time-slot for delivery can be booked on the day following the submittal of your order. You can book a free time-slot even two weeks in advance. Firstly, choose the day that suits you best in the table, then pick a two-hour time-slot. In the table you can check the service fees that belong to the various time-slots. Once you pick the time-slot, the service fee will be automatically added to the total price of your order.

How can I set the delivery address?

You can set your delivery address during finalising your order. First, provide the zip code of your settlement. You can set more than one address within the delivery area. We handle and store your personal data encrypted, in a confidential manner observing rules for maximum data protection as laid down in our Privacy policy.

What products can I purchase in the Auchan Online store?

You can browse thousands of products including fresh food, frozen goods, beverages as well as healthcare and beauty products, hygienic and household products. We are working to continuously expand our product range.

Are the online prices any different from Auchan store prices?

Prices of the products purchased online are identical with the store prices on the day you submit your order. Of course, the same rule applies to the promotional items, too. The prices on the website are identical with the ones you may see on the price tags in our stores at the moment of your shopping.

How can I find a product?

There are several ways to find a product: Products are listed in categories (e.g. basic food) and you can narrow down your search results with the filters on the left side of the screen. You can simply find products using the search bar, and you can place the items in your shopping cart. In the “Promotion” menu, you can browse the current promotional products.

How can I place a product in my cart, and how can I modify the content of my cart later?

You can add products to your cart on any product site of the online store. All you need to do is provide the desired amount and click on the “Add to cart” button. By clicking on the shopping cart icon you can easily delete the selected product or you can modify the quantity.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can buy?

For every item there is an individual quantitative limit which shows the top quantity the company takes on to deliver. Auchan aims to make the products available for the most possible customers in the delivery areas, that is why the maximum orderable quantity of items has been set. The quantitative limit is clearly indicated in each case, as the system will not allow selecting a higher amount or more pieces of a given item.

What do I need to do if I placed all the products I want to buy into the car and I would like to proceed?

The shopping process is made up of three main steps that can be performed in any order you like: Placing the products in the cart – Booking a time-slot for delivery – Selecting delivery address and payment method. As the last step you will be requested to confirm the selected products. Before the last step, you can modify the content of your cart, the time-slot for delivery and the delivery address at any time. Finally you need to submit your order. If you successfully submitted the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Auchan.

What happens during the delivery process?

Your products will be delivered in a temperature-controlled van by one of our colleagues. When taking receipt of the products, you will of course have the opportunity to check if all your products have been delivered fresh, in prime quality and in the ordered quantity. If the product you wish to buy is not available on the day of the delivery, the delivery assistant will deliver a similar product (substitute product). Of course, you do not have to accept the substitute product. If you decline toaccept the substitute product, you will only need to pay for the items you actually take receipt of. You can refuse to accept any item, if you decide that the item fails to meet your requirements.

What can I do if I am not happy with the substitute product?

Substitute products are highlighted on the delivery note and will be placed in a bag of different colour. If you decide that certain products do not meet your requirements, please feel free to give it back to the delivery assistant. The assistant then will deduce the price of the returned product(s) from the total amount you need to pay.

How do you treat the products on which there is a deposit and their packing?

The prices of products with a deposit on their packing include the price of of the packing (deposit), too. The price of the packing is always displayed on the invoice as a separate item. You can return suck packing to any Auchan store where the deposit will be refunded. Returnable packing cannot be handed over directly to the delivery assistant.

When do I receive the products I purchased?

During your shopping you need to book a time-slot when your products will be delivered to you. You can select one of the available 2-hour time-slots. During the test period we will be delivering from Monday to Friday. It is important that for all time-slots there is a maximum number of deliveries we can fulfil. To be able to book your ideal time-slot we suggest you prepare your shopping list in advance and submit your order in time. You can submit your order even 2 weeks prior to the delivery.

How do I receive the invoice of the online shopping?

Please let our delivery assistant know if you need a VAT invoice. We will send you the electronic invoice of the items you actually took receipt of and paid for via e-mail.

Is there a minimum age under which one cannot take over the delivered items?

Only a person over 18 years of age is entitled to take receipt of the delivered products. If the delivery assistant is in doubt as to the age of the person who wishes to take receipt of the products, but the person refuses to certify his/her age with the necessary documents, the Delivery assistant is obliged to refuse to hand over the ordered product(s). Likewise, if the person who wants to take receipt of the delivery presents a document that certifies his/her age, and he/she has not yet reached the age of 18, the delivery assistant is obliged to refuse to hand over the ordered product(s).

Will the delivery assistant carry the items to my door even though I live upstairs?

Yes, our delivery assistant will carry your shopping to your door.

What happens if I am late for the delivery? What can I do?

If you miss the time of delivery, please contact our Customer Service at or call (+36-40) 10-90- 10 and our colleagues will attempt to redirect the delivery assistant to your place, if possible. If the delivery assistant cannot return to your address, then your order will be deleted. In that case, you need to place your order again.

What happens if the product I chose is not available?

If on the day of the delivery a product you ordered is not available, we deliver a substitute product. In such cases the substitute product will be highlighted on the delivery note. Of course, you are not obliged to accept and purchase the substitute products. If you choose not to accept the substitute product, simply return it to the delivery assistant. We assigned substitute products for most items in our online store. Before you submit your order, you may choose which substitute product you would like if the originally ordered product is not available. If our colleagues cannot find a proper product to substitute the item you ordered, then we will deliver your order without that item.

Where can I modify the content of my cart?

Once you are logged in, next to your username there is a drop-down menu. In the My orders - modify menu you can enter the cart the content of which you wish to select, where you can click on the modify my order button and then you can start modifying the content of the given cart.