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How can you order home delivery?

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Crunchy, delicious start for the morning

Try our fantastic pastry selection

Lactose free products

Discover the wide selection from dairy products to chocolates!

Electronic grill devices

The perfect tools for toasts, sausages and even for steaks.

Have a nice cup of coffee!

Find your favourite roast in our large scale selection of coffees.

International delicacies

Find your favourite ingredients from the Italian, French, Mexican, Asian etc. cuisines!

Gluten free products

Discover the wide selection from pastas to sweets and flours!

Gardening accessories

Find the best gardening tools for any kind of outdoor project.



Why to choose us?

Above 35000 HUF our delivery price is 1 HUF only!

We always collect the most fresh products!

Need some help? We guide you remotely!

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